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Clases de Español Online y Presencial

Speakline is the web that will allow you to learn and speak Spanish from anywhere in the world. Speakline fits your schedule, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Before, it never had been so easy to learn Spanish.

¡Come to Speakline, make new friends, enjoy the Spanish culture and learn a language!

Speakline consists of relative professionals of the field of education and linguistics and foreign languages teaching specialists.

We are members of professional educational organizations and extensively trained to adapt to different students´ rhythm and learning style.

Our school guarantees a high level of education and competitive prices. In Speakline we pay special attention to each of our students, ensuring that they are satisfied. Every year, our team works hard to design the most appropriate programs for students of all levels and ages.


  • We offer 100% native teachers with programs custom designed and made by the needs and interests of our students.
  • With Speakline may take live interactive classes with a group of international students.
  • All Speakline classes are adapted to each level of the CEFR / CEER (Common European Framework of Reference / Common European Framework of Reference).
  • Our classes are motivating, flexible, effective and fun. Transforming his concept of language learning.


  • There´s no space-time barriers.
  • You can study whenever you want and wherever you want.
  • They are custom classes.
  • While the student and teacher talk, they can also chat, allowing the student to see the new terms used in class.
  • The system saves all the writing history to consult.
  • It is the perfect location for people who cannot travel to a Spanish speaking country to learn a language and for those who on his return from these countries choose to continue improving.


  • COMFORT AND FLEXIBILITY. Learn Spanish wherever you want and with the frequency that suits your timetable.
  • CUSTOM MADE PROGRAMS that match the student´s needs and level of Spanish.
  • Our time-tables are made by the needs of our students (duration: 60 minutes class).
  • CONTINUOUS ASSESSMENT. Our teachers will accompany students throughout the learning process. You can contact with your teacher by e-mail to make clear your doubts when you require.
  • SUPPORTIVE TEACHING MATERIALS and activities after class reinforcement, aimed at strengthening the different communication skills.
  • MOTIVATION. Our classes are based on motivating our students through various resources such as videos, audios, games, news, etc..
  • THE COMPETITIVE PRICES with a wide variety of individual bonds (10, 20, 30 or 40) or group (5 persons maximum) bond.


  • Classes of 60 minutes.
  • Supportive Material.
  • Classes information
  • Continued assessment.


Alumna de Español

Yingxin Zhao (Amanda)

Hola, me llamo Amanda, soy de Pekín, he estudiado español seis años. Hablo bien español, pero no podía aprobar el DELE B2 hasta que la profesora Rocío me había dado clases de preparación del DELE. Es muy buena profesora con mucha experiencia y paciencia. Sabe muy bien explicar la gramática y el uso de las palabras nuevas. Además tiene un español muy nativo y estándar, he mejorado mucho el español oral. 

Gracias a ella, por fin he aprobado el DELE. 

Alumna de Español

Xue Meng


Alumna de Español

Isabella Zlotos

Mi madre es española, aunque nunca nos habló en español, y siempre he ido de vacaciones a España; primero a Cambrils, luego Torredembarra y ahora Malaga. Me encanta la cultura y el clima de España.

Quería mejorar mi español hablado y empezar a escribirlo y leerlo. Gracias a Speakline y sus profesores lo estoy consiguiendo y ahora no necesito que mi madre me ayude mucho.

Alumna de Español

Veronike Metz

Es mi 5 clase con Skype y estoy muy contenta con mi profesora de Speakline.




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